The Video Presenter Show

Join our Experts, BIGVU Tips and Best practices!

May 24, 2023 BIGVU Inc Season 1 Episode 68
The Video Presenter Show
Join our Experts, BIGVU Tips and Best practices!
Show Notes

Are you ready to take your video production to the next level?
Why should we pick BIGVU out of the various video editing software today?
How can we leverage the advantages of using BIGVU?

Today, we discuss Joining our Experts, BIGVU Tips, and Best practices!

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Video editing software is becoming a necessary tool for individuals and organizations in the digital age. Given the wide range of solutions available, choosing the best software to fulfill specific requirements might take time. However, BIGVU is one software that stands out from the competition. BIGVU has become a top video editing option because of its extensive feature set and simple user interface. BIGVU is a video editing software with several compelling features and benefits, making it a strong contender among other video editing software options available today.

There are four secret formulas for getting the most out of the BIGVU video editing software, including script, shoot, style, and share. Furthermore, BIGVU's incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of its unique advantages. The software has AI-driven features, including auto-subtitling, scriptwriting tools, and teleprompter support. These AI-powered capabilities simplify routine chores, slashing editing time in half and increasing output.

Show Highlights: 

  • The 4S Formula: Script, Shoot, Style, Share
  • AI Sharing
  • It's better to be authentic.
  • How to create a script using AI?
  • How does BIGVU Teleprompter work?
  • Is AI scripts free of plagiarism?
  • AI Scheduling 
  • How to beautifully style your video?

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Hosted by Sharon Delaney McCloud:
She is an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, keynote speaker, emcee, host, and moderator ready to make your event a smashing success, whether in person or virtual. You can feel confident you're hiring a professional whose priority is your audience. With over 30 years of experience on local and national stages and online, Sharon will deliver an exceptional experience for your attendees.

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