The Video Presenter Show

You Don’t Need to Be an Executive to Exhibit Executive Presence I Véronique De Prycker

May 31, 2023 BIGVU Inc Season 1 Episode 69
The Video Presenter Show
You Don’t Need to Be an Executive to Exhibit Executive Presence I Véronique De Prycker
Show Notes

What does it mean to have an executive presence?
How can we take our professional presence to the next level?
How do we manifest the three pillars that executive presence rests?

Today, we discussed You don't need to be an Executive to exhibit Executive Presence.

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In the business world, certain people have a magnetic characteristic that makes them stand out from others in the industry. They convey the impression of authority, command respect, and inspire confidence. This phenomenon is called "executive presence," an uncommon yet important trait for career progression. Consequently, executive presence is essential for people in leadership positions or those looking to develop in their professions.

Moreover, although the idea of executive presence has many facets, three essential pillars—our actions, our words, and our appearance—stand out. Each pillar is critical for determining how we present ourselves and leave a lasting impression on others. Thus, by being mindful of our behavior, communication skills, and appearance, we can develop a solid executive presence that enhances our professional reputation.

Show Highlights:

  • The importance of exhibiting Executive Presence in any position
  • What is an executive presence and why it matters
  • The three pillars of Executive Presence: Appearance, Communication, and Gravitas
  • How to develop Executive Presence regardless of your title, function, or age
  • The role of body language and cultural differences in Developing Executive Presence
  • Practical tips for developing Executive Presence in a virtual setting

About the Véronique:
Véronique is the youngest female CPA in her country and an expert in Executive Presence. She helps B2B Businesses & Professionals implement online strategies, so they become the go-to person in their market. She created a unique 360°-approach for Experts & Introverts who are not salespeople but need to authentically reach their ideal target audience.


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