The Video Presenter Show

How to Launch Your Online Store with Debutify I Marie Tuason

August 02, 2023 BIGVU Inc Season 1 Episode 78
The Video Presenter Show
How to Launch Your Online Store with Debutify I Marie Tuason
Show Notes

Do you need help finding your niche and target market for your online store?
Do you want an exceptional edge in the competitive eCommerce market?
How can Debutify help us create a digital store that works effectively?

Today, we discussed How to launch your online store.

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Unlock the essential techniques for determining your niche and target market, and receive professional knowledge about choosing trustworthy suppliers who share your brand's values. We'll walk you through the criteria to consider when selecting suppliers and assist you in spotting warning signs so your supply chain is always rock-solid. Utilize Debutify's cutting-edge themes to master developing a visually stunning website while receiving practical advice on selecting the best eCommerce platform. Learn the top 10 features your website must have to convert visitors into customers and how to easily incorporate reviews into your site to increase legitimacy and client confidence.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • How did Debutify start?
  • Online presence
  • How to build a loyal social media community?
  • Case Studies
  • Make your website as frictionless as possible.
  • The benefit of utilizing user-generated content
  • Content Strategy for ECommerce Business
  • The Role of video marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • How to leverage customer reviews and testimonials
  • How to compete with more prominent brands

About our Speaker:
Marie Tuazon is a health advocate and surfer yogi that helps businesses improve their online presence through social media strategy to get better CVR, save time & focus their energy on their core business. She is a seasoned events planner and community manager focusing on inclusivity and community building. I have organized events with up to 4,000 attendees, small retreats, and volunteer opportunities. Marie is a motivational speaker interested in accelerating talents and inspiring them to pursue global ventures. Passionate about remote work, coliving, and nomadism.

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