The Video Presenter Show

Supercharging Revenue with Video I Arooj Sheikh

October 04, 2023 BIGVU Inc Season 1 Episode 87
The Video Presenter Show
Supercharging Revenue with Video I Arooj Sheikh
Show Notes

What makes video so powerful?
How can we generate more leads using video content?
How can we turn leads into paying customers and increase our market revenue using video content?

Today, we discuss Supercharging Revenue with Video.

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Video content can be a powerful tool to turn leads into paying customers and increase market revenue. Video is a highly engaging medium that can capture and hold the viewer's attention longer than text or images alone. It is because video combines visual and auditory elements to create a more immersive and compelling experience. Hence, it is more memorable than other forms of content because it makes a multi-sensory experience more manageable for the brain to process and remember. Studies have shown that people are more likely to remember information they have seen and heard than information they have only read or heard.

Show Highlights:

  • The Power of Video
  • Using video to generate more leads
  • The Five levels of Customer Awareness
  • Using video to turn more leads into customers
  • Using video to generate more revenue per customer 

About our Speaker:
Arooj Sheikh published "The Fundraising Strategy Playbook: An Entrepreneur's Guide To Pitching, Raising Venture Capital, and Financing A Company" after working with almost every player in the startup ecosystem. Previously, she founded a real estate tech startup based in Austin, TX. Arooj has worked with venture capital firms, venture studios, accelerator programs, and more. Nowadays, she runs a corporate innovation training program based on her learnings in the startup ecosystem and advises startups on their fundraising strategy.

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Hosted by Robyn Levin:
Robyn Levin is the founder of Robyn Levin Media, a strategic marketing & PR consulting firm based in Florida. For the last twenty years, Levin has specialized in Celebritizing™ entrepreneurs, tech and travel brands, and CEO in helping them significantly increase brand awareness and growth. Her efforts land clients in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Time Magazine, and on the Today show. She guided PENSCO Trust, a financial services client, in tripling its assets to $3 billion in less than three years.

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